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Passwords and Passcodes

Do you use an iPhone, iPad or other digital device?

Retrieving data from a deceased person’s devices is fast becoming a 21st century problem.

For example,  Apple’s privacy terms are such that unless a third party knows the user’s passcode, they cannot access data stored on the device. Families cannot even wipe a device to restore it to factory settings without a grant of Probate. Similarly, unless a user has nominated a ‘legacy contact’ (typically a friend or family member who is authorised to take over a Facebook account), no-one can access Facebook after the user’s death without a password.

It’s true that most digital assets are of a sentimental rather than monetary value but it is important to plan ahead in an era when, for example, physical photograph albums have been replaced by digital versions.

So consider asking your solicitor to draw up a Will that includes a side letter recording passwords and passcodes or a direction as to where a physical record of such can be located.